Maya Lïona Rose

Welcome! My name is Maya.

I’m a Somatic Life Coach, Podcaster and Passionate Earth Songstress. I love helping women connect to their wild most natural voice and tune into the deep wisdom of their body. As a life coach I help clients discover greater confidence, connection and wholeness within themselves through somatic experiencing, voice exploration and intuitive guidance.

It is such an honor to welcome you into this space. Many Blessings!

Somatic Life Coaching

As a guide and mentor for women, I help you to…

  • Connect to the wisdom of your body and cultivate greater Self Trust

  • Navigate the vast internal landscape of emotion with Courage, Gentleness and Compassion

  • Deepen your connection to your intuition, your self worth and your confidence so you can step into greater alignment with your heart and spirit.

The aliveness podcast


The Aliveness Podcast has been birthed from a passionate heart to connect global community as we share wisdom, stories and tools that nurture the sacred gift of life.

My prayer is that each episode can serve to offer support, inspiration and nourishment for Listeners and in turn ripple out into your communities and back to the Earth.

Mni Wiconi


It is such an honor to be a vessel for music! A joy like none other fills my heart when I sing with the Earth and with community.

I offer indigenous influenced world music, seasoned with a sensual, elemental and soulful flare from the heart. I tap into the healing magic of the Earth and channel melodies, harmonies and rhythms acoustically and electronically on a loop station.

I feel deeply called and honored to sing for the waters of this Earth and to anchor in love filled vibrations as musical medicine for the people.